This extraordinary jewel combines the energy of sunny days, harmony with nature and the natural lightness and light mood of summer. It will accompany you in every season and even in winter it will pleasantly encourage you and keep you warm.
It will best suit an optimistic and confident woman who walks her life on her own paths and can enjoy every moment.

* Each vein and crack has remained immortalized in its original form for ages and will tirelessly underline your natural beauty.

* I created and handmade this unrepeatable jewelry in my magical workshop by a unique method of Electroforming, I patinated it and protected by a special anti-oxidation polish.

* Please select the length of chain or cord.

* You will receive your goods sealed in a decorative box made of natural material or in a cloth bag with our logo. If this package does not correspond to the size of the jewelry, or you want to dress it in a more luxurious jacket, I have other variants of gift boxes for you.

* Do you know how to take care of your new jewelry? Do you have further questions? You can read the answers here.

Copper. The healing properties of copper have been known since ancient times. In all energy centers, it acts as an element of protection, purification and energy, breaking all blockages. On the mental level, it strengthens concentration, promotes self-confidence, dissolves apathy, balances emotional fluctuations, and calms the restless heart. It revives imagination and sensuality. From a medical point of view, copper has an anti-inflammatory effect. The energy of copper harmonizes beautifully with the heart chakra, it develops love and self-love.

Carnelian is full of life force and its energy value stimulates creativity and self-confidence. It supports the restoration of vitality, motivation and concentration. It encourages sexuality. Protects against envy and resentment. It relieves jealousy and gives courage in life choices and difficult life situations. It encourages a positive view of the world, promotes acceptance of the life cycle and helps eliminate the fear of death.

Agate is a very stable stone that gives us emotional, physical and intellectual balance, promotes self-confidence and self-knowledge and reveals hitherto hidden circumstances and draws the owner's attention to imbalances that disrupt his well-being. It strengthens concentration and practical decisions, adds courage and sincerity to oneself.

Tiger's eye is a protective stone that has traditionally been worn as a talisman against hostile thoughts and curses. It brings to its owner the integrity of personality. It helps in courage, achieving goals and finding internal resources. It strengthens empathy, intuition, courage, determination and concentration. It promotes mental harmony and positive thinking. It is great for those who cannot find the meaning of life and cannot think positively. Facilitates internal struggles with jealousy and stubbornness.


* Natural materials for my exceptional jewelry comes from the Czech countryside or my travels to various charming corners of the world.

* I make all the jewelry for you personally, each piece goes through my hands several times and it is an unmistakable unique. Minor imperfections or differences that may occur on some products are caused by the properties of natural material and contribute to the almost supernatural atmosphere and originality of the jewelry.

* You select products according to a photographic template. Please keep in mind that the color of the jewel on computer screens may differ slightly from the actual color of the jewel. However, my dear customers say that the jewelry is actually much more beautiful than in the photo;)

* I reserve the copyright to all advertised photos, and therefore I ask you to use my logo when using or distributing them. My jewelry can be an inspiration to many of you in your own creative work, but I ask you to avoid simply imitating my products. Thank you.


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