World of Nature in Metall
What happens when Science, Nature and Magic meet?

A Jewellery from Nature in Drop arises!
A young brand from me - an enthusiastic scientist, in love with the countryside, traveling and creation.
Real natural products from trips to different parts of the world are gaining new life in my jewelry thanks to scientific knowledge, modern conveniences ... and a little of magic! I spent a long time experimenting and trying and now I can present you a novelty for the Czech market - natural products, metallized by the method of magical electroforming!
The unique beauty of nature, its power and secrets hidden inside a unique jewel.
Each crack, vein and line remain in their natural form, only they have a fine and at the same time solid metal coating. Magical alchemy breathes life back into the passing nature and gives them eternity.
My jewelry is intended for those who know what originality is, who feel the pulse of Nature and resonate with it, women savages who love life and create their own story.


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Nature in Drop - a drop of Nature for you!

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