My workshop - a place where miracles happen.

Greetings to all! On my website you can see the results of my work but the information about the creation process remains hidden from you. That's why I decided to open the lid and briefly show you my workshop - the place where miracles happen. After moving to Krumlov it took me a long time to refine the workshop to its current state - the refining was really inch by inch. It's actually an endless process, but I can already show you the magical atmosphere of the workshop. So let's take a walk clockwise. Welcome to my workshop!
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The first corner - a place where I sort the material and choose the best that will become a piece of jewelry!
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Next comes the dirtiest corner, where everything I prepare will be smeared with a conductive layer. Of course, I need to have a respirator during this process. Actually, I wear it almost all the time, so now in the corona virus period, you probably understand what it's like.
23.jpg 205.jpg      
Then follows the heart of my alchemical laboratory - the table with baths with galvanic potions. The main secret takes place here and copper is born from the blue electrolyte. I just assist it and I always look forward to a surprising result.
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Right next to it I have a stock of semi-finished products - things that are already covered with metal but need to be fine-tuned with a grinder, polisher, solder.
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And here already, I am the queen - I invent how the jewel would look its best and I create ... I connect natural components with beads and with each other with the help of tin.
D%C3%ADlna_021a.jpg Dílna_022a1_1.jpg   001162392_ixilllvrqzwsmisybwcy.jpg
And, of course, my hands have to put up with it. It is no longer possible to clean them, I have everything under my skin .. but I can hardly work with gloves - I can't feel the material .. and if I don't have connection with it, I can't create. I like the combination of natural materials and stone, so for all minerals I have containers at hand
 1743i.jpg 001162398_wffqrpvctfelcxjlqszm.jpg DSC_0032.jpg
 Next up is my favorite corner with dozens of bottles of patina and other chemicals. Here I can unleash my imagination and relax over fragrant glasses, combining colors and shades.
38a.jpg  001160075_nqmjjzmsptacaeivzzkf.jpg  1655a.jpg
A small corner where I work with fire.
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Like the ancient wizards, I work here mostly at night. During the day I turn into an ordinary woman living a family life and in the evenings I invite guests - lovers of nature, art and supernatural phenomena.
So come for a visit!
Foto- Tomaš Kasal, Jiři Kubasek