My name is Olga and I'm a researcher by profession. My desire to get to the bottom of everything has led me to creative activity and science. For many years I studied lichens at the Institute of the Steppe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, but after the birth of my sons, I became more and more attracted to creative activities.
From my homeland, from Russia, I brought the technology of electroforming and was the first in the Czech Republic to start making jewelry from plated natural materials. By creating unusual jewels, I enriched my life on maternity leave.
I spent a long time trying and experimenting (yes, jewelry is also a science!), looking for suitable chemicals and ways within the possibilities and limits of Czech law and my wallet. Finally, I figured out how to coat any natural material with metal! I realized that not only plant flowers, but also mosses, lichens and small mushrooms have an irresistible charm that can be preserved with resin and metal. And now I am happy to teach you this unique magic as part of my group and also individual courses, which I lead in Prague, Brno and Český Krumlov, where I live.
My work is a compromise between the desire to travel, to explore, to be with family, and to create beauty. In 2012, I created a set of jewelry under the name Nature in Drop and I still work under this brand. I create using various natural materials, breathing them new life. In 2016, I participated for the first time in the fair - the first MAMA MARKET in Budějovice (BMM, a stylish Christmas handmade market for fans of original things, made in the workshops of mothers who started their creative projects on their maternity "holiday"). And .. finally it broke out, I already had a lot of orders and barely managed to fulfill them all. Then it finally happened that my work began to officially make me a living. I took a step towards my dream of a small cozy workshop, where there is a magical atmosphere and where it is possible to create and relax mentally.
So stop for a visit!
Olga Vondrakova